Warren Valley Golf Course

Wayne County, MI
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu Walking & riding permitted

Permanent tee time in Dearborn Heights, MI

12 Weeks and 6 Weeks
A public Donald Ross golf facility




Architect : Donald Ross

Opened: 1922

USGA Evaluation

Rating: 68.9 * Par 72 * Slope: 125

Electric golf carts

the best golf carts in southeast Michigan

New driving range

New driving range, free of charge, opens in 2024

Reservation for 4 golfers
Each green fee with cart paid at a later date
Each green fee with no cart paid at a later date
Access Fee X 1 golfers
Total before taxes

The golf professional, Michael Rawlins

Michael Rawlins

Director of Golf


Rounds per Year

Class A

PGA Classification


Years at Club

  • Available for playing lessons
  • Gives short game clinics
  • Offers video analysis
  • Maintains proshop year-round

As the Head Golf Professional at Warren Valley Golf Course, I have the privilege of witnessing daily how our course provides an exceptional golfing experience. Over the years, I’ve seen Warren Valley not just as a golf course, but as a community cornerstone where the spirit of the game thrives. At the heart of Warren Valley’s appeal is its design. The course layout, masterfully crafted, offers a balanced challenge for golfers of all skill levels. Beginners find the course approachable, yet seasoned players are continually tested by the strategic placement of hazards and the subtle contours of our greens. This balance is a testament to the thoughtful design that respects the natural landscape, ensuring that each round is both challenging and enjoyable. Our greens are a point of pride, meticulously maintained to provide consistent play. As a professional, I understand the importance of quality course conditions, and our grounds team works tirelessly to ensure that our playing surfaces are in top-notch condition year-round. Another aspect that sets Warren Valley apart is our commitment to growing the game. We offer a range of instructional programs tailored to every level of golfer. From individual lessons focusing on specific aspects of the game to group clinics that build camaraderie among players, our aim is to make golf accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The pro shop at Warren Valley is more than just a retail space; it’s a hub where golfers gather to share stories and seek advice. We pride ourselves on offering the latest equipment and apparel, alongside personalized service that helps each golfer find exactly what they need to improve their game. Above all, what truly defines Warren Valley is the sense of community. It’s a place where friendships are formed and nurtured, on and off the course. Our regular tournaments and social events create a vibrant atmosphere that brings our members and guests together, celebrating the game we all love. In my years at Warren Valley, I have seen it evolve, but the core of what makes this course special remains unchanged – a commitment to providing a premier golfing experience in a welcoming community setting.

Builds cars and plays golf almost every day

Freddy Firestone



Rounds per Year


Handicap Index


Years Playing Golf

  • Great short game
  • Loves a quick 5 holes
  • Used to hit balls on his lunch break
  • Always rides

As a local golfer who has traversed many fairways, I find a unique charm in Warren Valley Golf Course that keeps drawing me back. Nestled in the heart of our community, this course offers more than just a game; it’s a haven for golf enthusiasts. The first thing that strikes you about Warren Valley is its picturesque setting. The course is beautifully integrated into the natural landscape, offering stunning views that blend rolling greens with the serene backdrop of the region’s flora. Each hole is a new scene, a fresh challenge, and a moment of peace away from the hustle of daily life. One of the highlights of Warren Valley is its accessibility to golfers of all skill levels. The course layout, with its mix of challenging holes and more forgiving fairways, makes it a perfect ground for both seasoned players looking to test their skills and newcomers eager to improve their game. The greens are well-maintained, ensuring a consistent play experience that adds to its appeal. The staff here deserves special mention. Always friendly and accommodating, they make every visit a pleasant experience. Whether it’s offering tips to first-timers or sharing a light moment with regulars, their warmth adds to the course’s welcoming atmosphere. Another aspect I appreciate is the course’s commitment to sustainability. Efforts to minimize environmental impact are evident, from the careful management of natural resources to the preservation of the local ecosystem. It’s a course that not only provides recreation but also respects and integrates with its natural surroundings. For those looking to unwind after a round, the clubhouse is a cozy retreat. It’s a place where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and the spirit of golf is celebrated. The facilities are top-notch, offering a comfortable space to relax and reflect on your game. In conclusion, Warren Valley Golf Course is more than a golfing destination; it’s a community landmark that embodies the spirit of the sport. For me, Freddy Firestone, it’s a local treasure where every round is a memorable experience.

About Warren Valley Golf Course

Warren Valley Golf Course in Dearborn Heights, near Detroit, Michigan, is a renowned golf facility designed by the famous Scottish golf architect Donald Ross in 1922. It was one of his first golf facilities in the state of Michigan. The course features rolling terrain and a mature landscape along the banks of the Middle Rouge River, which adds to its challenge and beauty. The river comes into play on several holes, particularly on the West course. The golf course has a rich history, having fluctuated between being a private country club and a public daily fee golf course over the years. It has undergone several ownership and management changes. In 2018, it was sold to the city of Dearborn Heights to prevent it from being developed into something other than a golf course. In 2022, after the area experienced severe flooding, the managing company at the time walked away, leading to the closure of the facility before the 2022 season. However, it was later taken over by Issa Brothers and Revive Golf Management, with Issa Brothers managing the banquet side and Revive managing the golf operations. Significant investments have been made in the golf courses, clubhouse, and maintenance equipment. The golf course has undergone renovations, including new greens, reconstructed sand traps, new cart paths, improved drainage and irrigation systems, and other improvements to enhance the playing experience. These renovations are part of a multi-year project aimed at restoring the course to the condition envisioned by Donald Ross.

What this golf course offers

Beverage Cart

18 Hole Golf Course

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About permanent tee times at Warren Valley Golf Course

Warren Valley Golf Course is excited to offer permanent tee times from May through October, available on Saturdays and Sundays. This exclusive opportunity allows golfers to enjoy a consistent golfing schedule during the most vibrant months.
Tee Time License Overview:
  • Duration: The Warren Valley tee time licenses span 12 weeks, ensuring a long, uninterrupted span of stress free golf reservations. Warren Valley will consider different weekly spans. Please text us at 614-421-7458 with your request.
  • Cost: Each license, accommodating exactly four players per tee time, is priced at $199 per player.
  • Weekly Tee Time Fee: An additional $42 per player is charged for each weekly game, with a cart. For golfers choosing to walk, $22.
  • Advance Payment: Fees must be paid at least 14 days prior to the scheduled play date.
  • Additional Purchases: License holders are not limited to one license.
Flexibility and Deadlines:
  • Substitutions Allowed: License holders can substitute players if they are unable to play on a particular date.
  • Payment Deadlines: If tee time fees are not paid by the due date, the slot may open to the general public, potentially introducing new players to your group.
Dynamic Pricing:
  • Warren Valley employs dynamic pricing for tee times. While we anticipate weekend morning rates to be around $46, specific rates cannot be published in advance.
Weather and Event Considerations:
  • In the rare event that a tee time is affected by weather or special events, impacted players will be promptly notified. We offer the choice of a rain check or an alternative booking, subject to availability.
Commitment to Golfers:
  • Warren Valley’s goal is to make your permanent tee time experience rewarding, with the hope of welcoming you back season after season.
Payment Terms:
  • Initial Payment: The first license holder pays the $199 fee at the time of purchase. At the time of initial payment, the license holder will be provided the option to pay for more than one golfer.
  • Subsequent Payments: The remaining three players must pay their fees within 14 days of the first payment and at least 14 days before the first tee time.
  • Late Payments: If payments are delayed, the initial license holder will be charged for the outstanding fees. Each license is available for foursomes only.
Local Rules:
  • Warren Valley Golf Course: Warren Valley Golf Course golfers playing in a permanent tee time slot to choose between using a riding cart or walking. For those riding, the weekly fee is $42. For those walking, the weekly fee is $22.
  • State of Michigan: The State of Michigan prohibits golfers from bringing alcoholic beverages onto any golf property that holds a liquor license.
Warren Valley Golf Course is committed to providing an exceptional golfing experience. They look forward to having you as a long-term member of their community, enjoying the best of golf at Warren Valley.


A proven Dearborn Heights treasure



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Aug 2023

Five stars



Sept 2023

Very nice place for special occasions like company holiday parties etc, always decorated exceptionally well for the holidays!



October 2023

Four stars


Ann Arbor

July 2023

Four stars

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Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Michigan

Dearborn Heights, located in Wayne County, Michigan, is an inner-ring suburb of Detroit, situated about 12 miles west of downtown Detroit. It shares a small border with Detroit and is often considered a bedroom community. As of the 2020 census, Dearborn Heights had a population of approximately 63,292. Geographically, Dearborn Heights covers an area of about 11.75 square miles, with the southern part of the city in the Ecorse Creek watershed and the northern portion in the Rouge River watershed. The area surrounding the Ecorse Creek is known to be prone to flooding. Demographically, the city is diverse, with significant Arab and Polish communities among others. The population distribution is fairly balanced across various age groups, with a substantial number of residents under the age of 18 as well as those aged 65 and older. Economically, the largest employer in the city is the government itself, followed by H.Y.P.E Athletics. Dearborn Heights also has a range of educational institutions, including public schools like Annapolis High School, Oakley W. Best Middle School, and several elementary schools, as well as private schools like St. Sebastian Catholic School and Dearborn Heights Montessori Center. Residents of Dearborn Heights enjoy a sparse suburban feel, with most owning their homes. The city offers a variety of coffee shops, parks, and other amenities. The public schools in Dearborn Heights are considered above average, and the city is noted for its cultural diversity and community togetherness.

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