Frequently Asked Questions for tee time licenses and weekly tee times

Is this for foursomes only?

Yes, permanent tee times are available for foursomes only. Full payment for the foursome is not required as each one of the four players can opt to pay for themselves.

What does this cost?

Each golfer is required to pay a single $199 fee in addition to typical green fees. Golf courses may or may not prohibit walking for the permanent tee times and therefore may require golfers to pay for riding carts (or similar) along with green fee. Each golf course listing on this website states the golf cart policy.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in stages. The $199 fee for the first golfer in the foursome is due at time of purchase. The remaining three golfers are required to pay their $199 fee within 14 days of the date the first golfer makes payment. The first golfer has the option to pay more than one fee at the time of reservation.

Green fees are due 30 days before the first tee time. The tee time payment is made by the individual golfers and this payment can be paid in 2 installments.

Is every tee time guaranteed?

The golf course intends to honor every tee time in your agreement but tee times can be impacted by weather and large events. What happens if the golf course cannot accommodate a particular tee time? You and your playing partners will be notified before the tee time and will be offered a rain check or a rebooking of your choice. The golf course wants you to be a longterm customer and wants to make your permanent tee time experience great and something you’ll want to purchase again.

Are permanent tee times limited?

Yes, these tee times are limited. Golf courses on this website offer a small portion of their tee sheet for permanent tee times, typically one or two weekend days for one to three hours and one or two weekdays for one to five hours.