Mistwood Golf Club

Will County, IL
Sat, Sun Riding cart required
mistwood golf club photo with rock wall
mistwood golf club photo with rock wall
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Permanent tee time in Romeoville, IL

20 Weeks
A premier Chicagoland golf experience




Architect : Ray Hearn

Opened: 1998

USGA Evaluation

Rating: 72.1 * Par 72 * Slope: 132


Full service restaurant with bar, Weekend beverage cart, 4 Water coolers on the golf course.

Great pace of play

Permanent tee time owners are guaranteed four hour rounds or less.

Restaurant and Catering

Excellent food & beverage experience with memorable golf course views.

Performance Center

Mistwood Performance Center is the Midwest's premier golf training facility with fittings, lessons and more.

Reservation for 4 golfers
Each green fee with cart paid at a later date
Access Fee X 1 golfers
Total before taxes

Meet the pro at Mistwood Golf Club

Andy Mickelson

Director of Golf


Rounds per Year

Class A

PGA Classification

9 Years

Years at Club

  • 2023 Illinois PGA Player of the Year
  • Certified video analysis instructor
  • Hits 500 balls a week

In 2023, Andy was named the Illinois PGA Player of the Year. The award, known as the Bernardi Award, has been a goal of Andy’s for several years. Mickelson has now finished inside the top 15 in the Bernardi Player of the Year race every year since becoming a Class A Member in 2019. “Winning the Illinois PGA Player of the Year is a huge accomplishment for me,” said Mickelson. “I put a lot of time and effort into my game and it’s cool to see it pay off. I had a pretty good season. It seemed like I had a lot of top 10s to go along with the one win earlier in the year. But a couple of second-place finishes and good runs at the majors helped put it over the edge. I’m really happy with how the season played out.” Andy is responsible for the operation and strategic direction of all golf related assets including the pro shop, golf course service staff, and the Mistwood Performance Center. His dedication and attention to detail have been a force multiplier for Mistwood Golf Club.

Mistwood Golf Club through the eyes of a local ace

Erik C.



Rounds per Year


Handicap Index


Years Playing Golf

  • Used pull carts before they were cool
  • Won 2 local am events
  • Plays fast
  • Enjoys himself on the links

Mistwood Golf Club in Joliet, IL has developed a reputation as one of the premier public golf facilities in both the Chicago-area as well as the Midwest region. Mistwood has gone to great lengths to ensure that daily-fee golfers can have an experience that mirrors one from a private country club. On the heels of a multi-year renovation project, Mistwood has earned accolades such as Golf Magazine’s “Renovation of the Year,” one of Golf Digest’s “Best New Courses,” and Golf Range Magazine’s “Top 50 Public Ranges.” The course itself is an eclectic mix of holes that will test every club in your bag. Featuring 20 St. Andrews-style pot bunkers and five sets of tees, players will be challenged no matter the weather. The first few holes can lull even the most elite players into a false sense of security, as there are birdie opportunities abound, provided you avoid the bunkering. Hole #7, “Doon,” is where you begin to feel some pressure. A long par-3 with a large green seems inviting, however, Lake St. James, a 65-acre lake looms immediately behind the green to swallow up errant and overly forceful shots. It also provides a glimpse of what’s to come on the inward nine. The final nine begins with several shorter par 4 holes with ample landing areas. The par-3 14 th hole, “Kelpie’s Lookout,” begins arguably the toughest inward stretch of six holes in all of Chicago. As one of Mistwood’s signature holes, it features an elevated tee and a shot that is all carry over the aforementioned Lake St. James. You’ll find yourself squeezing the club just a little bit harder now! Hole #15, “Kelpie’s Bend,” is a 90-degree dogleg par-5 around Lake St. James that will have you longing for the less claustrophobic terrain of the front nine! Once you’ve successfully navigated the last few holes, head in to McWethy’s Tavern to treat yourself and celebrate a job well done. Mistwood’s clubhouse is a visual masterpiece and the golf shop has a myriad of apparel and accessories to help commemorate your experience. The Mistwood golf experience will exceed your expectations and provide a new standard that will rival many of your future rounds.

About Mistwood Golf Club: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Since 1962, Mistwood has woven itself into the fabric of Chicago’s golfing heritage. From its humble beginnings as a family-friendly course to its recent transformation into a world-class destination, Mistwood has never lost sight of its core values: community, challenge, and a passion for the perfect swing. A Masterpiece Unveiled: Prepare to be captivated by the artistry of Ray Hearn’s remarkable course design. Over 7,000 yards of meticulously sculpted terrain unfold before you, each hole a unique composition of strategy and beauty. Navigate undulating greens, navigate 20 St. Andrews-style bunkers, and conquer a course that echoes the spirit of Scotland’s legendary links. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend enthusiast, Mistwood offers a test of skill that will ignite your passion for the game. A Community Forged in Friendship: At Mistwood, the warmth of camaraderie is as palpable as the thrill of competition. Gather with friends in our elegant clubhouse, share stories on the sun-drenched patio, or connect with fellow golfers across generations. Here, you’ll find a place where handshakes are genuine, laughter rings true, and the love of the game unites us all. Where Innovation Elevates Tradition: Mistwood embraces the future of golf without compromising its classic charm. Our state-of-the-art Performance Center invites you to refine your technique with cutting-edge technology. Our expansive practice facilities provide the perfect stage for honing your skills. And our commitment to environmental sustainability ensures that Mistwood’s legacy will endure for generations to come. Discover Your Moment of Mastery: Are you ready to embark on a golfing journey unlike any other? Book your tee time, explore our membership options, or simply step into our world and let the magic of Mistwood transport you. Here, where tradition meets innovation, you’ll find more than just a golf course. You’ll find a home for your golfing heart.

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About permanent tee times at Mistwood Golf Club

Mistwood Golf Club weekly tee time license details

Mistwood Golf Club is excited to offer permanent tee times from May through October, available on Saturdays and Sundays. This exclusive opportunity allows golfers to enjoy a consistent golfing schedule during the most vibrant months.

Tee Time License Overview:

  • Duration: The Mistwood tee time licenses span 20 weeks, ensuring a long, uninterrupted span of stress free golf reservations. Mistwood will consider different weekly spans. Please text us at 614-421-7458 with your request.
  • Cost: Each license, accommodating exactly four players per tee time, is priced at $199 per player.
  • Weekly Tee Time Fee: An additional $75 per player is charged for each weekly game.
  • Advance Payment: Fees must be paid at least 14 days prior to the scheduled play date.
  • Additional Purchases: License holders are not limited to one license.

Flexibility and Deadlines:

  • Substitutions Allowed: License holders can substitute players if they are unable to play on a particular date.
  • Payment Deadlines: If tee time fees are not paid by the due date, the slot may open to the general public, potentially introducing new players to your group.

Dynamic Pricing:

  • Mistwood employs dynamic pricing for tee times. While we anticipate weekend morning rates to be around $84, specific rates cannot be published in advance.

Weather and Event Considerations:

  • In the rare event that a tee time is affected by weather or special events, impacted players will be promptly notified. We offer the choice of a rain check or an alternative booking, subject to availability.

Commitment to Golfers:

  • Mistwood’s goal is to make your permanent tee time experience rewarding, with the hope of welcoming you back season after season.

Payment Terms:

  • Initial Payment: The first license holder pays the $199 fee at the time of purchase. At the time of initial payment, the license holder will be provided the option to pay for more than one golfer.
  • Subsequent Payments: The remaining three players must pay their fees within 14 days of the first payment and at least 14 days before the first tee time.
  • Late Payments: If payments are delayed, the initial license holder will be charged for the outstanding fees. Each license is available for foursomes only.

Local Rules:

  • Mistwood Golf Club: Mistwood Golf Club requires all golfers playing in a permanent tee time slot to use a riding cart. The riding cart fee is included in the weekly $75 fee.
  • State of Illinois: The State of Illinois prohibits golfers from bringing alcoholic beverages onto any golf property that holds a liquor license.

Mistwood Golf Club is committed to providing an exceptional golfing experience. They look forward to having you as a long-term member of their community, enjoying the best of golf at Mistwood.


Premier Chicagoland Golf

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Where you'll be

Romeoville, Chicagoland, Midwest, United States

Nestled in the heart of growing Romeoville, IL, Mistwood Golf Club sits at the forefront of a vibrant golfing community. Since 1962, we've witnessed the town's transformation, and just like Romeoville, Mistwood has evolved to offer diverse playing options for golfers of all ages and skill levels. From family-friendly outings to competitive tournaments, Mistwood embodies the spirit of this dynamic town, where accessibility and community meet passion for the game. And beyond the green, explore the charm of Romeoville itself, filled with parks, restaurants, and recreation, making your golfing getaway unforgettable.